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Provider Electronic Solutions Software Download Page

The Office of Medical Assistance Programs has made the Provider Electronic Solutions Software and User Manual available for download free-of-charge from this website. Please complete the registration information below and then select Submit Request. The file is about 25 MB in size and should only take a few minutes to download, depending on the method utilized.

Medical Assistance Provider Section

All the information in this section is required to download the Provider Electronic Solution Software. If you do not know your new Provider ID Number please refer to your Provider Notice Information Letter.

Completing all the information allows us to contact you with information about the software.

Name of Medical Assistance Provider:  

Provider Type: 

PROMISe™ Provider ID Number: (9-digit MPI Provider Number)  (4-digit service location) 

Required Contact Information

Name of Contact Person:

Street 1:

Street 2 (optional):




Telephone Number:
 -   - 

Extension (not required):  

Fax Number (not required):
 -   - 

Email Address:

HIPAA transaction(s) you intend to send with the software: (you may select more than one)

    270/271 Eligibility Inquiry/Response – Interactive
    270/271 Eligibility Inquiry/Response – Batch
    837 Professional (Generally refers to physicians, prescribing physicians, medical suppliers, waivers, clinics, ancillary providers and others)
    837 Institutional(Inpatient hospital and RTF billing)
    837 Institutional Outpatient (Generally refers to hospitals and ambulatory special surgical centers)
    837 Long Term Care (Generally refers to private and county nursing homes, ICF/MR, state mental retardation centers)
    837 Dental (Generally refers to dentists)
    NCPDP Version 5.1 (Refers to online pharmacy billing)
    NCPDP 1.1: Batch (Refers to batch pharmacy billing)
    276: Claim Request
    277: Claim Response

Last Modified: 06/17/2008